I'm going to post a series of photos of me eating different shit in Mexico. One of these fucking foods left me going big out both ends for the last week. Help. I need someone to blame. 

The Line-Up

Here's a picture of me with some corn on the fucking cob that I got from a muchacho in a boat. Seems a little fishy if you ask me.

Here's a picture of me eating a mother fucking sandwich we found on the street. I was suspicious from the get go.

Here I am drinking a goddamn chocolate leche con plantano. I don't know how you fuck up chocolate, milk, and bananas , but we've got to consider all of the possibilities. 

Here I am back on the boat. This time I'm smashing a piping hot cheese quesadilla. It's worth noting there was a slice of tomato, some fucking onions, and a bit of avocado on the interior.

Finally, here's a throwback to the first meal of the trip—a rather dodgy selection of tacos and tortas that were sorta fucking terrible. A definite Nope. 


Colonel Cob, in the boat room, with dirty river water. 

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