For those of you who can't speak Mexican, "Hello friends! We are the Bistro Bros!". As you may or may not know, the Bistro Bros don't half-ass anything. Whether we're crushing plates or weights, we're full throttle and fully torqued at all times. You might be a member of the half-chub club, but we're treasurers of pleasure who treat going big as our full time jobs. Because of our commitment to greatness, we know we can't launch the Bistro Bros brand with anything short of perfection. It is for that reason that we have decided to pack our bolsas full of Pepto and head down south to get shitty in Mexico City for Dia De Los Fucking Muertos.

We've got backpacks full of wet wipes and our eyes set on some juicy street meat [not penises] and soft tacos [you know it], so stay tuned for some fresh posts on the things we loved and hated the most. Adios putas.

-Jay Bronie